This Is Why I Don’t Want to Be Haredi

The Jerusalem Post reports Tuesday that Haredim rioted in Jerusalem after the detention of a woman who was accused of starving her child to death.

The woman apparently suffers from a disease that makes her harm her children so that attention is drawn to herself.

And why are the Haredim rioting? Well, the Post article does not exactly say. (Note to Post editors: This would be a salient fact to include in the story.) But one can surmise from the article that because the woman is part of the Neturei Karta sect, these Haredim probably feel that this woman is being treated unfairly by the evil secular state. These are the same Neturei Karta who give Madinthehead kisses in Iran when he hosts a Holocaust denial conference. Lovely people.

No, the Haredim have gone mad. They have completely lost their way. Men who don’t work, an abandonment of reason, an embrace of fanaticism. Not good for the Jewish people.

Here’s the link.


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