This Is Why I Voted for McCain

I had never voted for a Republican before I voted for John McCain in 2008. My primary reason was Obama’s policy on Iran. I felt then that he would not do what was necessary to stop Tehran from building a nuclear weapon. More and more, I feel vindicated in my decision, though that is little succor given the consequences.

Amer Taheri writes today that Tehran believes the Obama administration has already accepted the idea of a nuclear Iran. All that’s left to negotiate are the various concessions Tehran might make in return, primarily their “acceptance” of a two-state peace plan.

According to Taheri, quoting an Iranian newspaper associated with the ruling elite:

In this theory, President Obama is trying to establish a linkage, whereby Israel would accept a nuclear-armed Iran while Iran would withdraw its opposition to a two-state solution for the Palestinian problem.

The paper also notes that Clinton has offered to help America’s Arab allies build up their defenses in response to a nuclear-armed Iran. In other words, America will no longer focus its energies on stopping Iran from becoming nuclear, but instead deploy its power and prestige to prevent its Arab allies from building up a nuclear capability.

The Kayhan editorial claims that Washington isn’t even thinking of threatening Iran with further sanctions. “They have no long-term plan for dealing with Iran,” it argues. “Their strategy consists of begging us to talk with them.”

Of course, who knows if its true and I don’t believe all the blather that comes out of the Islamic Republic, but it seems as it it might be accurate given the American policy.

So let’s sum up: the U.S. policy on Iran will allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon and then arm other Arab states as a means of deterrence.

What a great policy! And this is so much better for Israel, don’t you think?

I’m so glad I voted for John McCain.


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